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If you're looking for something faster and nicer check out Changes.

If you want to do it via the command line you can use diff to find the differences and then manually merge the files together as it will list all the differences. Since the mac is running a version of unix, you can use all of the tried, tested and true commands from the established UNIX heritage.

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The following code is made by Git-community. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The initial contents of the folders is the same. How can you meld the two folders to one such that all files are melded? You're wanting to find the differences in files in two folders and merge the changes? Chealion Chealion Axxmasterr Axxmasterr 6, 6 6 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 57 57 bronze badges. The following code is made by Git-community! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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If the Time Machine disk is a network volume, Merge will endeavour to mount it. Time Machine backups will not occur while a Time Machine password-protected network volume is mounted by Merge. To allow Time Machine to make backups to the volume, eject the Time Machine network volume using Finder.

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If the Versions button is not enabled, check the relevant options on the Versions and Credentials preference pages. In addition to two-way folder comparisons, the Professional Edition of Merge supports comparisons between three folder hierarchies and automatic folder merging. The screenshot above shows the results of a typical comparison between two folders. Background colours are used to indicate the inserted, removed, changed, or unchanged state of each file or folder in the results list.

The icon of the newest file in any given row is indicated by a red dot adornment. You can step between insertions, removals and changes using the Previous Change and Next Change toolbar buttons. The folder comparison results list has a context menu that contains the most commonly used commands in the folder comparison window.

Right-click within the results list to display the menu.

Compare Contents Of Two Folders

Some of the commands in the menu will change depending on whether you click in the left or right side of the list. To turn the display of sizes and last modified timestamps on and off, click the Preferences toolbar button and select Show Timestamps and Sizes.

The numbers in each Changes column show you the number of changes that have been made between the files in the two adjacent columns. For three-way folder comparisons, the third Changes column indicates the number of changes between the first and third folder hierarchies. You can toggle this column on and off using the Changes Column command in the View menu.

Other symbols can appear in the changes column to indicate errors encountered while processing the files in a row, or to indicate that a row is filtered out by option settings. In either case, hover the mouse pointer over the symbol for more information about what it represents. You can adjust the widths of the columns in the results list by dragging the column heading dividers from side to side.

The results list can be used to launch file comparison windows for selected rows of files. Please see the Launching File Comparisons topic for more information. You can double click any row containing folders to open a separate folder comparison window to compare those folders. To delete items in the folder comparison window, select the files and folders that you want to remove, right-click, and use the Delete Selected Items in Column item in the context menu.

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You can undo a deletion by restoring the deleted files and folders from the macOS Trash. Some files and folders particularly those located on network volumes cannot be sent to the Trash. Merge will let you know if this occurs and will provide you with an opportunity to delete the files and folders permanently. You can later show all hidden items using the Show Hidden Items menu item on the same menus. Note that hidden items are not excluded from subsequent folder comparison operations. They will still be compared, but will not appear in the results list until you use the Show Hidden Items menu item.

You can specify wildcard expressions to exclude files and folders from the folder comparison. Files and folders that are excluded in this way will not be compared and will not appear in the results list even when you choose the Show Hidden Items menu item. You can use this feature to exclude large binary files or entire folder hierarchies from the comparison. As you are comparing or editing folders, you may want to set bookmarks to enable you to return to locations of interest later on.

Click the Bookmarks toolbar button and select Toggle Bookmark , to toggle a bookmark on or off on the current line. To navigate between bookmarks, click the Bookmarks button and select Next Bookmark or Previous Bookmark. Comments can be added to bookmarks, making it easy to note important information or to record a question.