Emailing photos from mac photos

And while the drag-and-drop method works fine, especially if the image you want to share is just stored loosely in the Finder, there's a better way.

You can then easily select the image you wish to share, and add it to your message with just a click. It also has the added advantage of not taking up system resources just to launch one of the photo applications.

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The Photo Browser isn't limited to dragging images to an email message. You can drag images from the Photo Browser to just about any app, including the Finder , for a quick way to export an image from any of your image libraries.

Include photos and other files in emails

You can click and drag a photo to an email message from almost any location, including the desktop, a Finder window, or an open document in another application. You can also attach a photo to an email message. Click the Attach icon in the message window toolbar it looks like a paper clip , locate the target image on your Mac, and click the Choose File button. When you send files via email , remember that you may have message size limitations with your email provider, and the recipients may have message size limitations with their email provider.

How to E-Mail Pictures on Your Mac - dummies

As tempting as it may be to send full-size images, it's usually better to send smaller versions. To adjust the size of an image, click the Image Size pop-up menu on the right-hand side of the message window. The Large option is often smaller than Actual Size, yet it's still big enough to make an impact. Don't overlook the Small and Medium options, especially if you're going to include more than one photo in a message.

How to email more than five photos at once in iOS 10

One common problem some users encounter with the Photo Browser is a failure to display the Photos app image library, or the failure to show an image you know is within the Photos app. The two problems are related, with a common cause.

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The System Photo Library is the first library created when you launch the Photos app the very first time. If the System Photo Library is empty because you created additional libraries, and are only using those libraries, the Photo Browser won't show Photos as an available library to choose from.

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iPhoto ’11 Loses Easy Emailing of Photos; Workaround

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