How to backup thunderbird mail on mac

To test your filters, press Run now in the Message Filters window. Thunderbird provides many different folders and uses those configured by your email for example, Google. However, if it necessary, you can change them. Right-click on your Thunderbird email account and select New folder. Give the folder a name and click on Create folder button. After this, you need to configure automatic emails inclusion in the certain folders. Right-click on Settings and choose Create new.

Click the Application menu button, and then click Message Filters. Choose New. A Filter Rules dialog box appears. In the Filter Name field, type a name for your future filter. Under Apply filter when , check one of the options or both. Pick a property, a test and a value for every rule you wish to implement:. You can create an email signature directly in HTML editor.

First, open Mozilla Thunderbird and click on your email account name. Then click on View settings for this account option under the Accounts section. In the Account Settings window, you need to go to the Signature text. After that, you're able to create a signature directly in the Signature text field by typing in HTML code. Go to the main view of Thunderbird and click Write to create a new email message. The new email signature should be there.

You can use the Add-ons Manager to add, enable or delete Thunderbird add-ons. All you need to do is start the best Thunderbird add ons by selecting Tools, Add-ons. There is a great way you can use Thunderbird signatures. Go to the menu and choose Add-ons. When you'll see the Add-ons tab, enter signature switch into the search field and hit enter.

Then, you see Signature Switch listed right at the top of the search results. Click on the Install button to start the download. Make a draft message exactly as you want the signature to appear. You're able to change the font size, add hyperlinks and images. Next, save it and use the drop-down Save menu option to save the File. You can create as many signatures as you want this way.

If you ever need to make a change, update the draft, save it as a draft and then save it as an HTML file again. By the way, in case, if you want to find alternatives, there is another useful service for email signatures. Newoldstamp provides the most compelling and straightforward solution for email signatures. You can refine your brand identity by means of professional email signatures templates.

Thunderbird Default Profile Location

Choose the best and adjust it to your brand and business requirements. Additionally, Newoldstamp tool ,with a variety of professional signature templates, generates HTML codes to work with major email clients. Threads are particularly handy to keep conversations orderly, with lots of people replying to various messages. Also, they help you not lose individual messages or ignore a whole conversation.

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First, click the menu button and select the View menu. In the Sort by submenu, click Threaded. Your messages group into tree structures that can be ether expanded or closed with the arrow next to the subject. You are able to perform actions for individual messages by expanding the thread and selecting the message. You can add your calendar to Thunderbird to plan all your email activity.

How do you set up a calendar? Start with installing a compatible version of Lightning add-on in Menu and restart the mail client. Then, go to the home page and choose Create a new calendar menu. Check the option On the Network and click Next. After that, you should go back to your mail to obtain the Calendar URL. Here you need to fill out the Name of your Calendar, select Color, checkmark Show Reminders option if it's necessary for you, and select the right mail account.

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  7. Now you can open the Calendar tab to see your own Thunderbird calendar and click on the Synchronize button in a bar above. To set up reply above the text, you should do the following:. Select Account Settings from the menu. You should be sure to Automatically quote the original message when the reply is checked under Composition.

    How To Backup Thunderbird Emails

    In case you urgently need to reclaim disk space and improve Thunderbird's performance, your folders must be "compacted" periodically. The compaction process is done automatically in Thunderbird. However, you have the option to launch a manual compaction request:. Thunderbird has an adaptive filter to protect you from a large amount of unsolicited email spam or junk mail. You can set up the special filter to avoid these unpleasant messages.

    Thunderbird to PST Converter for Mac » Convert Thunderbird to PST Accurately

    The filter is enabled by default. You can set system-wide preferences to be used by all your email accounts. To get access to these settings, you need to click Tools, Options, and select the Security panel. After that, choose the Junk tab. To train the filter to recognize the junk messages, you can mark messages as junk by clicking in the "junk" column in the message list.

    If you want to ignore an uninteresting thread, you can right-click on it and select Ignore Thread, or simply use the K keyboard shortcut. In this way, the program marks all the messages in the selected conversation as ignored. All your ignored messages aren't deleted, but when you come back to the folder they won't be shown on the list of messages by default.

    In order to use Thunderbird chat, you should create a new account with an online instant messaging or chat provider. At the top of the Thunderbird window, click on the File menu, and click New and then click Chat Account. Enter Username and password, click on next button.

    Backing up the Thunderbird for Mac OS X email folder

    After this, you are presented with a Summary screen. Click Finish. In addition, be sure you are online. Next, click on the Connect button next to the account you want to go online with. So, Thunderbird is an exceptional free email client allowing you to manage as many email accounts as you like from one convenient location. Thanks for this wonderful article Leo. What really attracted my attention is that you mentioned that the Thunderbird backs up the email file in a text format rather than in a proprietary one as Outlook does. May I ask whether the backed up mail file from Thunderbird is a big file OR is the backup file consists of individual separate files one for each mail?

    Suppose if I want to see a particular mail I receive on a day, say, two months ago — how easy is it to find this mail from the backed up file from Thunderbird? Do I have to restore the whole set of emails and then find it from there OR can I just read the mail or mails straight from the backed up files, since they are in. Thunderbird stores email in one plain-text file per folder. You can just open the file in a text editor and search for your message. I use TB for everyday use for all my eMail accounts and remove them from the original Gmail, etc.

    Is there a way around this? Hi Leo! Thanks for this great article! A month ago, I configured Thunderbird I searched the web to understand what would cause Thunderbird to loose the content of my profile and resynch everything, but to no avail … :o … Do you have any idea what happened and how I can avoid it in the future? The easiest way to backup Thunderbird or Firefox is to use this program MozBackup MozBackup is a utility for creating backups of Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and some others applications. It allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache etc.

    Thunderbird also allows you to leave your mail on the server when configuring Pop3. Is there any disadvantage to setting up Gmail access as Pop3 rather than Imap? If you use POP3 then when you delete something from your computer, or phone, it will not delete it from the Gmail servers. So the mail will build up there. The advantage is that makes kind of a backup.

    But the disadvantage is that you may run out of room. This option comes handy to prevent duplicates when restoring a desktop e-mail client after you reinstall Windows, for instance. To chose what to do with messages once they have been accessed with POP by your e-mail client. The latter, I believe, transfers them to the Trash folder, where Gmail deletes them completely after 30 days.

    Thunderbird gives you the option to delete mail from the server when you delete it from Thunderbird when you use pop3. It also automatically delete mail from the server after a time period that you choose. Thanks Leo, for the suggestion and step by step guide to backing up my email using Thunderbird. I quit paying for their service years ago, and while for years they only offered knowledge bases and useless forums for service, they now appear to offer at least limited live support I needed to reset a forgotten password recently and actually got a live agent to help me.

    Thanks for all your great articles over the years. Annie C. No better, no worse, really. That you got any live customer support surprises me. For added security, you can backup your mail from your Thunderbird backup or from your desktop Outlook backup especially interesting because of those weird, proprietary, huge. Give it a try.

    If you access Hotmail via going to outlook. How can I make sure the messages are safely backed up? Invalidate the account information the IMAP settings, specifically so that Thunderbird can no longer connect to Hotmail. ANd of course back up your PC.

    Moving Emails - Backing Up Emails - Thunderbird

    You can backup the Firefox folder when you do a file backup of everything else on D:. Saving the emails in plain text allowed me to save the attachments. I plan on running a image backup later today to back up my emails. An alternative for e-mail back-up.

    How to backup Thunderbird data, emails and contacts

    Is there a workaround for this or have I just been securitied out of using this helpful program? Thunderbird works for all my other emails. But I did the last update and I was no longer able to use Photo resize to resize my photos when emailing them. Do you know of a another program that will work with the new upgrade? Looking forward to hearing from you Best regards Gary Cramp. That anecdote reminds me of a movie with Brendan Fraser and Joe Pesci called With Honors which has a strong backup theme. His computer crashed, and he only had one copy of his thesis, so he went out in the snow to make a photocopy of his hard copy.

    He slipped on the ice and his thesis fell into a coal shoot. And Joe Pesci ransomed the paper to him page by page. Lesson from that: one backup is not enough. If one system goes down, you are left with only one backup. Great article on Thunderbird to backup emails. I have 5 accounts in Gmail and back them up with MS Outlook, which works well. But the direction that MS is taking with Office, Thunderbird is a great option. I downloaded 4 of my accounts into TB with no problem, but the 5th my main account will not work.

    The only folder that downloads is Inbox and a notice pops up that it did now succeed and is not connected to the server.

    The only difference is that the TLS with gmail and Outlook is port 25 instead of But the first 4 accounts downloaded perfectly as Any suggestions? I just downloaded Thunderbird…but…when it asks for current e-mail address and password…I get an error message stating info could not be verified.

    It asked if I had the correct address and password. I did have the correct info. Older versions of mail and calendar apps such as Outlook. As a result, we prevented a sign in to your Yahoo account xxxxxxx. This is not recommended and may leave your account more vulnerable to compromise. Thanks for the quick response. That is correct. I am not concerned about it. Oh now I understand backing up with ThunderB, simply download the emails. I was looking for a back-up option within TB. Thanks for the hint Leo, although I have been using Gmail and hotmail for longer than I can remember and so far, touch wood, no problems.

    Thank you. Can you do this with more than one email account? I have a gmail, a yahoo and a hotmail address. If so, how would I go about it? Do it once for each separate account? Yes, I have 3 accounts backed up with Thunderbird. You can use Thunderbird to manage several accounts by the add account feature.

    Each account has its own folders by default. Hi I encountered a problem when configuring Thunderbird to access my Hotmail account, I kept getting a message stating that my username or password was incorrect, I then logged in and out of hotmail several times thus confirming that they were correct. I eventually several days later traced the cause to being that I had outlook two-step verification turned on, I turned this off and the problem is now solved.

    Does this now mean that I have down rated my security? This is a password intended specifically for use by and only by devices that cannot supply two-factor. Hello, I have been recommended you by hot chilli to back up before they disappear but only the inbox has backed up, how do I get the sent mail? Thank you from a novice. Thank you for the helpful article. The reason I found it interesting is that I have the impression outlook. Any remedy? Backup your Thunderbird data files. I use TB all the time — the biggest advantage is I can check into , and deal with 10 email accounts with a single log in — huge time saver.

    Just wish there was an Android version. Highly customizable UI and mail management functionality. Bluemail is by the same company, and very similar. It does not do a local backup to my phone but like Leo said, do you really want a local backup on a mobile device? Commercial and free backup programs like Macrium Reflect and EaseUS Todo allow you to schedule the time of your backups.

    If you want to do it like your old Unix days, write a DOS batch file or a Powershell or Visual Basic script and set up the Windows scheduler to kick it off. Ive used Thunderbird for many years and back u to my own PC and external drives using Mozbackup. I use Thunderbird, but all I ever do is keep a saved copy of each email in the Local Folders or each account on my external drive. If necessary, I can burn them to a cd. Remember that every time you change your e-mail password, you have to sign-on to Thunderbird and make that change.

    And quite intuitive when you stop to think about it which I never did until just now. Chalk up another benefit for Thunderbird:. Multiple accounts managed in one app instead of multiple webmail sites 2. Offline email management reading, composing, filing until back online for syncing 3. As per this article, mail backup is baked-in. What happens if I load the profile from the backup after the mail server update? Will profile sync with server and delete everything locally to match the server contents, or will the locally stored emails be uploaded to the updated mail server once again?

    It should work, but be careful. If you delete the mail on the server and run Thunderbird while the mail is no longer on the server, the mail will be deleted from Thunderbird also. Back up your Thunderbird emails before doing this. What I would really like to know though is this: can I get the mail back on the server from the backup? Yes, it can be restored from the backup. Copy the emails into their respective folders and they will all be uploaded.

    In fact, if you have another email account, you can copy those emails to their respective folders in that account and use that account as a backup account. Does anyone know whether I can find a way to use Thunderbird, or is this impossible because Yahoo! I get my Yahoo Mail via Thunderbird. Server: imap. I have always wanted to get out of Hotmail, but just cant seem to make that jump with all my other activities. I have numerous gmail and other accounts that auto forward to my Hotmail. Not the best, but it works for me! Operating system Win XP Pro on two separate systems.

    Will be getting a new computer with Win 10 some day, but not today. Outlook available is , however I stopped using it when it would not function years ago due to size of emails I assumed. My Hotmail is accessed via Chrome browser with no issues other than size of emails on line. Initially, I purchased Systools Hotmail Backup.

    It seemed to start OK, but would not backup all the email, even after several attempts, chatting overseas, etc.. I was most familiar with using pst files and accessing via my Outlook app off line, but the downloading seemed to be too problematic. This was mainly due to other pst files I have from years of work emails,etc. Decided to go with Thunderbird next. I successfully copied all my emails after installing Thunderbird on to my computer. Seems to have worked fine with only a few emails loosing dates, etc.

    No big deal. And all my folder structure, but could not see emails. All I did was click on each and every folder individually both system and my personal structure and all emails appeared or downloaded. But they would not show up until I clicked on each folder for the first time. They all remain viewable and operational now with no further actions. Everything appears to be fine and Thunderbird is operating as advertised and I have been running TB for a week to check things out. I successfully downloaded exported my contacts from online to my computer using instructions in the article.

    CSV file was placed in my backup area.