How to reinstall the mac app store in mavericks

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STEP 1. Prepare your Mac for installation

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So, I'm stuck. Do you have another mac from with you can copy the installer over?

The Apple OS X Mavericks installation troubleshooting guide

Great suggestion! I'm actually already giving that a shot right now! Will update here with the results. I guess this is how Apple forces you to install newer OS -- they make AppStore tell you some bs about "item" just ti make you install Captain.

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Download mavericks without app store

I've solved the problem! However, cloud backups almost always require a paid subscription.

Step 1: Boot Into Recovery Mode

If you only have a small amount of files, you might look at syncing your most important files to Google Drive or other cloud storage. Another alternative is copying your vital folders to a USB flash drive. Whatever you choose to do, remember that this process will erase everything on your Mac.

Mac: This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later; Fix

Before you proceed, you should also take the time to log out apps on your computer. Services like Adobe Creative Cloud limit the amount of installations you can use, so you should sign out to avoid wasting one on a non-existent system. Choose your account on the left sidebar and choose Sign Out. This will work on any Mac running OS X Shut down your Mac. Continue holding these keys until you see the Apple logo. This runs the recovery environment from the internet instead of a partition on your hard drive.

Then wait a bit while your computer downloads the recovery environment.

Before You Start: Back Up!

When using internet Recovery mode, the system may reinstall a different version of macOS than you were using. Mine installed Mavericks, even though I was running Lion to start with. To do this, select Disk Utility from the menu. Next, select your internal hard drive usually labeled Macintosh HD from the left sidebar. Switch to the Erase tab on the right side. The default name of Macintosh HD is fine, unless you prefer something else. Click Erase and confirm the operation. You may see a prompt to enter your Apple ID as part of this process.

Accept the license agreement, then click your hard drive to select it for installation. Click Install to start the process. Once you see the Welcome screen, your Mac is back to factory defaults. Next, confirm your keyboard layout and hit Continue again.

MAC App Store Where to Download / Install the Mac App Store (Review)

Here you can select From a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk to import the data you backed up earlier. Your Mac will then prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID.