Restore factory settings mac os x 10.6.8

This works for These are available through Apple, PowerMax, and other sources. Thankfully, we no longer have to mess with DVD. Select Disk Utility and erase your HD, just as instructed to do in the first section of this article. From there, you can upgrade to the latest version if you choose.

Five Ways to Reset a Lost Administrator Password

I work at a hospital and our IS guys know nothing about Macs. I have waited from Dec.

Could Not Write Installation Information to Disk

Back in January I copied all of the info from the old Mac to the new one. Press Command-S during startup to get into single user mode 2. Remove the hidden. AppleSetupDone 5. Remove the home directories of users. Shutdown or reboot to verify the procedure worked : shutdown -h now -or- reboot. See the comments below for more information.

Installation Issues Commonly Seen with macOS

Thanks to David, Adrien and Adam for the hints. This script needs updating for Leopard machines, because netinfo is gone. Note that this is NOT identical to the command that OS X will ask you to run if you try to use dscl without doing this first — the command OS X suggests does not actually work!

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Thanks a lot for the hint! For the rest the script is working fine. Is there anyone who knows how to do it?

Cannot factory reset a MacBook running OSX using Disk Utility - Ask Different

Thanks for the hints to rello and to fjoachim for the review! You used an inappropriate procedure to address a lost admin password. All you do when you delete.

How to Factory Reset a Mac Computer

AppleSetupDone is to enable the introductory movie and setup session at boot. But this session was not designed to be run when there were already users defined on the machine, with existing user files.

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Hi there. Looking to sell my machine. If I follow steps 1 through 8, this will get me back to the first time this machine is turned on? With the intro movie, all data erased from HD, original components? This is what I am hoping anyway…. Not exactly. Step 6 will erase most of your user data, but not necessarily all especially if you are sloppy or migrated from OS 9 where it was customary to leave lots of junk at the root level. It will also not erase any third-party software you added to the machine yourself.

These instructions are actually for something different than you want to do. Can I do this while keeping my System Preferences intact? I wanted to do this for a friend by setting up her Mac with some settings in Sys Prefs like Display Color, Appearance, etc. Is there any way to pre-install software, settings, etc. Reflect on the following question: are the preferences you are trying to set per-system or per-user? Not that many preferences are actually per-system, and some of them may actually be set to defaults by the installation process anyway.

And of course you could add software to Applications and Utilities that would stick around for everybody to use. I have a late MacBook Pro running the current version of Leopard.

Like I said in my previous post, I am looking to erase ALL data to get the computer back to original state never been used. So is there anyway to get around these hurdles? Any help you can give me would be MUCH appreciated!

Reset OS X/macOS Dock to default settings

I understand that the only way I can do this is to buy a new copy of, say Snow Leopard, and going through the boot from disc process. I do not have a problem with this but can this be done with the cheaper upgrade disc or do I need to buy a more expensive version? As I say, I am so new to Macs and would just like to go through the whole brand new experience. Thanks obviously if there is a simpler way I will go with that…can an apple store do it for example?

Any compatible install DVD will do this job. Thanks Macs R We, really appreciate the advice. Thanks again. Katie, this depends on the context. After 30 Minutes, you are asked to enter your language, WiFi or other network etc. Upon restart, it feels like a brand new machine — with the welcome video etc. The problem with erasing the hard drive as a clean-up, is the you also remove the Diagnostic partition.

This is present on the MacBook Core 2 Duo and newer. The right way to erase a hard drive is therefore the command:. This is really great—however—I seem to be having a problem doing this with Snow Leopard. I have done all this and have done all the updates for it as well. I have created only one generic user and left the password empty.